Return to the 1980s Saturday at 6:30 p.m. when Hairitage takes the stage at The Beach at South Main as part of CKS PaddleFest.

The concert will be the band’s only gig for the rest of 2019.

“The ‘80s sound is fun,” said Martin Epps, bassist and vocalist for the band. “I’ve always enjoyed the music, and the vocals are challenging.”

Epps emphasized the complexity of music from that era drives his passion for the sound.

“I don’t like just three chord changes. I like complicated music for instruments and vocals.”

Epps calls ‘80s hair band music, hard-rock pop with great hooks and choruses everyone can sing, especially these days.

“It seems ‘80s music is the new ‘60s music. It’s chic now.”

He explained that songs from that decade are becoming popularized through commercials, increasing the familiarity for younger audiences.

The infatuation with hair bands isn’t something new to Epps or band members, Rich Kensinger, Toby Dunn and Trevor ‘Bones’ Davis. They all grew up on the sound.

Saturday is the first time Hairitage has played PaddleFest, and the band is excited. “It’s a beautiful location,” Epps said of The Beach stage.

Outdoor venues present a unique challenge for singers, particularly those belting out tunes with high pitches.

“It’s harder vocally because you don’t have the same resonance with the monitors. But we love playing outdoors. The crowds are always a lot of fun.”

All members of the bands are long-time stage veterans, and each carries an impressive musical resume. “We’re a bunch of really good players, and we’ll have great sing-along tunes and timeless music. Come out and prepare to have fun,” Epps said.

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