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The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has adopted the Fifth Amended Public Health Order Safer at Home and in the Vast, Great Outdoors, which lasts through June 30.

Some key changes are:

• Older adults are now encouraged to still stay at home but also enjoy the vast, great outdoors, so long as they can maintain proper social distancing.

• Social gatherings are still limited to 10 or less people, except in certain circumstances listed below.

• Playgrounds and outdoor sports facilities (such as tennis courts and pickleball courts) may open with 10 or less individuals. Outdoor pools may open with 50% capacity not to exceed 50 individuals. Organized sports leagues (adult or child) may begin with 25 or less people outdoors or 10 people indoors. Spectators for adult leagues are discouraged. Gyms/rec centers and indoor pools may open with no more than 10 people per room.

• Outdoor recreation (guided and non-guided) activities are permitted with 10 or fewer people. This includes trains, trail crews, zip lines, water sports, fishing, hunting, horseback riding, jeep tours, ropes courses, and climbing walls.

• Houses of worship may open up to 50% capacity, not to exceed 50 people (up to 10 rooms may be open). Guidance on gathering size for outdoor services is forthcoming

• Personal services may now serve up to 50% occupancy, not to exceed 50 people.

• Short term rentals are now allowed to open.

• Funeral homes, crematoriums and cemeteries may open at 50% occupancy, not to exceed 50 people.

• Summer camps and sports camps may open with 10 individuals indoors or 25 individuals outdoors. Single-night overnight excursions are allowed so long as campers and staff remain strictly cohorted.

• Closed activities include: Gatherings greater than 10 (including races), fairs/festivals/parades, receptions greater than 10, car, motorcycle and horse racing unless there are no spectators, and sports events (including tournaments) except recreational sports leagues.

• In addition, the following are still closed: Bars/breweries (except those with food licenses), movie and performance theaters (except drive-ins), casinos, amusement parks and arcades.

Community testing clinic expands

HRRMC, in partnership with CCPH, hosts a free testing clinic every Tuesday from 10 a.m. to noon, by appointment only. Appointments must be scheduled by close of business the Monday before the testing clinic will be held. At today’s community testing clinic, 13 people were tested. Results will likely be available on Thursday.

The state of Colorado and Chaffee County have further expanded testing capability. Testing criteria now includes:

• Any community member (or others who consider Chaffee County their medical home) who is showing symptoms

• Any asymptomatic patient who has a known contact with a positive case or has traveled in an area with high rates of transmission

• All healthcare workers, all first responders, all senior care facility workers, and all essential workers who directly interact with the public while working, whether or not those individuals have symptoms or not

If you are interested in testing, call Public Health at 719-539-4510 to be screened, approved, and scheduled for testing.

Those with severe respiratory symptoms are asked to contact their primary care provider directly.

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