Robin Vega, owner of Cause+Medic opening this month on East Main Street, arranges some of the CBD and cleaning products her store will sell when it officially opens May 28.

As businesses throughout Buena Vista reopen following weeks of being closed to slow the spread of COVID-19, one business on Main Street will be opening for the first time.

Cause+Medic, the first retail storefront of a CBD skincare line distributed nationally, will open officially later this month on East Main Street, although the store opened its doors tentatively, like many businesses, last weekend.

The Cause+Medic store will sell the company’s CBD products in front and have space for spa treatments in the back of the space at 413 East Main St., said store owner and Cause+Medic managing partner and brand development director Robin Vega.

Plans to open the storefront and spa in Vega’s Main Street office began in December with company founder Hugh Huffaker, but when the coronavirus pandemic hit earlier this year, Vega decided that the store should also sell products made by Cause+Medic’s sister company Clean Republic, a maker of non-toxic cleaning products.

“Items for the home, items for beauty and skincare,” Vega said. “Really, the common denominator between everything we’ll stock our shelves with is that they’re clean and nontoxic and healthy and good for the environment.”

Clean Republic’s products are made with hypochlorous acid, a compound that has been approved by the EPA as effective against viruses.

While the Main Street location will be Cause+Medic’s first retail shop, the company has been working with spas for 2 years to provide creams and lotions that deliver CBD, one of the non-psychoactive compounds in cannabis, transdermally.

Cause+Medic’s own treatment room will offer massages using the products initially and branch out into facials later this year.

“We’ve just always wanted to have a kind of Cause Medic flagship store where we could sell our products, and we also have a treatment room where we could do Cause Medic massages.

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