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Buena Vista Singletrack Coalition is excited that two new trails are currently under construction as part of the $151,000 grant awarded to the town of Buena Vista by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Non-Motorized State Trails Grant program.

The grant was submitted in partnership with Bureau of Land Management, Southwest Conservation Corps, Colorado Mountain Club and Buena Vista Singletrack Coalition.

The first 2019 grant-funded work was constructing the 2.2-mile extension of the Camp Elevation Trail which was built earlier this summer and opened to trail users at the end of June.

Four BVSC volunteer events were devoted to doing restoration work on old eroded trails to help them return to a natural environment.

Immediately following the opening of the new extension of the “Camp Elevation” Trail, construction began on the next new trail. This 4-mile trail will connect the existing Django and Bacon Bits trails and is being built by Southwest Conservation Corps.

The third and final grant-funded trail construction began last week. This trail is being partially machine-built by Tony Boone Trails and will connect the east end of Bacon Bits to the Midland Bike Trail at the CR304 Midland TH. Colorado Mountain Club is the project lead for all grant-funded construction this summer, with BVSC providing any needed volunteer support.

With two brand new trails being added to BV's amazing singletrack system, BVSC needs to come up with names for them before trail signs and maps can be completed.

BV's local trails are a valuable resource and an integral part of who we are as an active hiking, biking and running community. That is why BVSC wants to hear from the community before naming the two new trails! For a general idea of where the new trails are, please refer to the map. The new trails are marked with a “?”.

Things to consider when submitting a trail name:

1. Is the name consistent with nearby/intersecting trails?

2. Is the name easy to say?

3. Does the name relate to local history (not necessary, but a plus!)?

All names must be submitted by Tuesday, Aug. 20. The submissions will be vetted by BVSC Teams at the Aug. 21 team meeting, then a list of viable names will be given to the BVSC board of directors who will be responsible for making the final choice for each trail.

Please send your trail name idea by snail mail or e-mail to:


PO Box 1797

Buena Vista, CO 81211


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