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The Buena Vista Singletrack Coalition released the new 2019 trails naming results.

“The response to a call for suggested trail names for the two new trails still under construction was amazing,” BVSC announced in a press release.

There were 54 trail name submissions, all displaying creativity and great background information for each. 20 people showed up Aug. 21 to review and give input on the 54 submissions.

“Their thoughtful input helped the BVSC board of directors make the final determination for each new trail. The rest of the trail name submissions are being saved for future new trails.”

Naming rights

The first name is Unchained for the new trail connecting Django to Bacon Bits because it connects to Django.

It is derived from the Quentin Tarantino Western movie “Django Unchained,” which is consistent with the western movie theme.

Also, since this new trail will be under seasonal wildlife closure, it will be “unchained” when it is open from April 16_Nov. 30.

This trail is scheduled to be completed by late October.

Sausage Link will connect the Midland TH on 304 to the end of Bacon Bits because it’s a breakfast meat like bacon, it links Midland to Bacon Bits, and it has a ring to it.

This trail is scheduled for completion by late September.

National Public Lands Day volunteer event

BVSC in partnership with the BLM and Colorado Mountain Club will host a trail construction project in recognition of National Public Lands Day from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.-ish, Sept. 21.

We will be building the last section of new construction on the newly named Unchained trail connecting Bacon Bits to Django.

Lunch and post work beverages generously provided by Eddyline Brewery.

Please meet at the Midland Trailhead on CR 304 by 8:30 a.m. ready to hike about 1 mile to the work site prepared with:

Water for the day (at least 2 liters)

Work gloves

Sturdy closed toe shoes

Sunglasses or safety glasses

Day Pack

Rain gear


No experience needed.

BVSC and project partners will provide all tools and leadership for the day. Please come join us and lend a hand on your Public Lands.

For directions:

Let us know you’re attending by either e-mailing BVSC at or clicking “going” on the FB event:

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