Calling all dog lovers! You and your canine companions are wanted at the Watershed at 410 East Main St. for the Buena Vista Event Cooperative Dog Show on Saturday, June 8.

Dogs of all breeds are welcome to participate with absolutely no talent required.

They’ll be judged for one of three $50 prize categories: Most Adorable, Most Unique and Beast in Show.

This year, the show will be all one division.

Emcee Nancy Best will return to announce the pups that come onto the stage, including a special dog brought by Wrex and Bea Harnish.

“If you want to dress your dog up in a costume, great. If you don’t, great,” says Tom Rollings of the BVEC.

“They don’t have to do tricks; they can do whatever. What we like to see, we’d like to have the owners tell a story about their pet or what they like to do or if they’ve been through a tough time.

“We have a couple people that I talked to that say they’d like to tell their story about something their dog has gone through, overcome or how they make them feel.”

The goal of the show is to provide a “low-key, fun community event” for everyone to enjoy.

Even those without dogs are welcome to come and watch for free. Even more prizes will be given out to audience members during the show.

“Every dog is a therapy dog,” Rollings says. “Some dogs get to wear special yellow clothing, but in reality every dog is a therapy dog.”

The show begins at 10 a.m. Participants must register at the door for $7 each.

Rollings recommends arriving early and registering before the show begins.

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