The inaugural BV Outlaw Mountain Bike endurance race came to Buena Vista’s Midland Hill system of singletrack trails Saturday, raising funds for the trail system’s volunteer stewardship group, the Buena Vista Singletrack Coalition.

For some reason, 19 solo cyclists and 15 Chain Gang relay teams competed to race around the circuit for 10 hours straight in the event organized by Youphoria Productions, a BV-based organizer of similar endurance-based cycling events around the country.

Maybe it was the allure of the sweet ball-and-chain trophies offered to winners in the 10 hours Behind Bars challenge.

“The course was really comprehensive. The playing field was equalized by a variety of terrain. There were segments that suited one type of rider while punishing another,” said Dave Volpe, a BV Racing coach and one of three Daves in the relay team Generation Dave along with Dave Bott and Dave Trenkle.

The Daves finished fourth in the field of relay teams, finishing eight laps over just a few seconds shy of 9 hours – a grand total of 92 miles averaging 1 hour, 7 minutes per lap.

Generation Dave defeated their Generation Z counterparts, the Daves’ children Hannah Volpe, Grady Bott and Logan Trenkle, three BV Racing riders who raced on other teams Saturday, BV Racing coach Taf McMurry said.

“What an honor and good fun it was to race my son and his pals,” said Dave Bott of Generation Dave. “(It’s) unlikely that any such racing would have occurred were it for not for the NICA league and our local coaches developing these young riders into competitors and lovers of cycling.

“Thanks to Youphoria Productions for putting on a great race,” Bott said.

Team Chaos, consisting of BV Racing cyclists Charis Mayton and brothers Ace and Owen England, finished 8th in the relay race, riding seven laps – 80.5 miles – in 8 hours, 53 minutes.

“It was hard and tiring and really fun,” Mayton said. “Cool and awesome and painful, but overall good.”

Chaos “whooped up on” Team Crankyankers, the team made up of Ace and Owen’s parents Brian England and Marcelle England along with Sasha Anastas, McMurry said.

Crankyankers finished 12th among relay teams, completing six laps in 8 hours, 54 minutes for a total of 69 miles of singletrack.

Team COS Cartel of Colorado Springs won the whole thing by finishing nine laps in 9 hours, 14 minutes.

In the solo category, Wesley Sandoval of Leadville won the event, finishing eight laps in 8 hours, 44 minutes.

Rancher and BVSD school board member Ken McMurry placed fifth in the solo ride, finishing seven laps in 10 hours, 15 minutes.

McMurry, along with fellow BV-area residents James Orlet and Robin Guillame, were three of only four riders in the solo field to serve the full 10 hour sentence.

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