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When the Buena Vista board of trustees convenes March 10, they’ll welcome new firefighters to the town fire department, hear the results of a historical assessment of the old St. Rose of Lima church building and discuss Buena Vista’s tobacco policy.

A draft agenda for Tuesday evening’s meeting begins with the swearing in of the town’s firefighting staff.

The board will also hear a report from Barbara Darden on the old St. Rose of Lima structure. The old church is currently used as the welcome center for Buena Vista by staff of the Chamber of Commerce.

Town administrator Phillip Puckett said the assessment will explain “the condition of the building and recommendations for improvements.”

Also on the agenda is a discussion of an upcoming ordinance amending the town’s tobacco policy

The ordinance will at least raise the legal age to buy tobacco products from 18 to 21, but Tuesday’s discussion will consider what else trustees would like to include in the ordinance amending the code.

In Salida last month, the city council considered, but ultimately decided against including a subsection banning flavored nicotine products from city shelves as part of their ordinance raising the minimum age to purchase.

The Salida ordinance does require tobacco vendors to acquire a license through the city.

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Eleanor Fahrney

Flavored products are entry level to the most vulnerable-the young and naive are enticed by flavors. Why are we so eager to sell to them? Oh yes, could it be to make them customers for life? It seems irresponsible to prey on this clientele.

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