Buena Vista School District

Chaffee County voters elected three new members to the Buena Vista School Board, Jessica Crites, Stacey Moss and Brett Mitchell, according to unofficial results of the state’s Nov. 5 election.

Voters also registered staunch opposition to two statewide propositions on the ballot.

One of those which would have allowed the state to keep its excess tax revenue rather than refund it, failed statewide, while another, which legalizes sports betting in the Centennial State, passed narrowly.

In the county, 52.91 percent of registered voters turned out in the coordinated election. Across the state, 35.89 percent of voters, or 1,373,396 people, submitted ballots.

As of press time Wednesday morning, 58 of the 64 counties in Colorado had fully reported their results. All results at this point are unofficial and remain to be certified by each county.

Moss, a lineman with Sangre de Cristo Electric Corporation, won a 4-year seat on the board, recieving 74.24 percent of the vote over his opponent Nathaniel Weeks, a former school administrator and teacher.

“I’m grateful for all the people who voted for me, for sure,” Moss said. “Now it’s time for me to get to learning on my side … I’m excited and ready to start working with everyone.”

Crites, an accountant, won a 2-year term on the board over incumbent Nancy Best, with Crites recieving 62.46 percent of the vote.

“I look forward to serving the students and serving this community,” Crites said. “I want to thank Nancy Best for her tenue on the board. I truly appreciate the work that she has put in to this board.”

Suzette Hachmann and Tracy Storms won re-election to the board, having run unopposed. Mitchell, a ranch and farm owner, will also be coming onto the board after running unopposed.

Proposition CC, which would have partially “de-bruced” Colorado’s tax system by allowing the state to retain excess income tax over budget to fund higher education and road and bridge projects, recieved 42.41 percent of votes in favor and 57.59 percent against in the county.

Proposition DD legalizes sports betting in Colorado with a projected tax revenue increase of $29 million coming from a 10 percent tax annually going to fund state water projects.

In Chaffee County, 54.14 percent of voters cast ballots against the measure.

In the statewide contest, results were much narrower on Proposition DD, with 50.48 voting in favor of the measure and 49.52 voting against it – a margin of a little over 13,000 votes.

In the Salida School District elections, voters approved Salida’s entry into the Colorado Mountain College service area, with 60.50 voting for.

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