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Three weeks into the fall semester at the Buena Vista school district, Avery-Parsons Elementary School put the district’s COVID-19 protocols into action following the confirmation of a positive case of the illness at the elementary school Monday.

With direction from Chaffee County Public Health, two classrooms at Avery-Parssons have been placed under a 14-day quarantine – a first grade classroom due to a confirmed positive case of COVID-19 and a second grade class due to precaution around a possible case of COVID-19.

“The protocols we have in place are working. We definitely anticipated this day,” district superintendent Lisa Yates told the district’s board of directors Monday evening. “Quarantine is a strategy. It’s not an indication that the school or the district has somehow failed, that protocol hasn’t worked. It’s an indication that the plan is working.”

Chaffee County Public Health said in a news release monday that the positive COVID-19 case was believed to have been spread through close contact with a family member and not from within the school.

“The positive case is recovering in isolation at home,” said April Obholz-Bergeler, the communications specialist with CCPH. “All close contacts to the positive case have been contacted by Public Health. In the case of a school-aged child, close contacts include the entire classroom, as well as anyone outside of the classroom who was within 6 feet for greater than 15 minutes.

“As a precaution, CCPH and Buena Vista School District have quarantined a second classroom of a sibling of the positive case,” Bergeler said.

Yates told the school board, “There’s a lot of different feelings around this. I think we all know that. We have some that are going to be angry that we’re quarantining and others that think we should be quarantining more. You have that whole spectrum of responses.”

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