Eddie Sandoval

The Asian Palate will close after Saturday, Nov. 30 after 10 years in Buena Vista, said chef Eddie Sandoval in a post on Facebook Friday.

Sandoval first began serving Asian cuisine in BV in the kitchen of the Evergreen Cafe in 2008 four nights a week.

Sandoval told Times reporter Kathy Davis at the time that his goal was to create a place where Buena Vista could go for “great food, quality service, all-around consistency and a casual atmosphere.”

Since then, the Palate opened a brick-and-mortar location on East Main Street and became a local favorite, making this small town, landlocked and high in the mountains, an unlikely destination for lovers of sushi and Thai food.

“I have been searching deeply within myself for sometime about what the future holds, and the positive change that can happen for myself, Brynn, Tala and Sy. And although we will certainly have many feelings about this loss and as we step into the unknown, we embrace this time with celebration and appreciation,” Sandoval said in the post, referencing his wife and two children.

The restaurant will be closed on Sunday and Monday, as well as Thanksgiving day on the 28th.

“We’ve discussed the closing with our staff, and we want to recognize their incredible presence and support, today and throughout the past 10 years. This dream could never have been achieved without them. We also thank our family and friends for the overwhelming support and encouragement,” Sandoval said in the post.

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