Taylor Scott Band

Following years as a guitarist with the Otis Taylor Band, Denver-based Taylor Scott decided to create his own group 3 years ago.

After hundreds of shows and countless miles on the road, Scott feels his group has found their sound and developed unique chemistry.

“We all have different interests and styles. Instead of sectioning ourselves off, we decided to let it all hang out and play what we liked.” From there, the Taylor Scott Band created a sound and a personality.

Along with Scott, the band includes three highly-accomplished musicians.

Jon Wirtz plays keyboards and is an accomplished writer and arranger. He also plays in a side project (sometimes with Scott) called Space Orphan.

Larry Thomas, the drummer, has played with everyone from John Denver to Dizzy Gillespie. “He’s one badass drummer,” Scott said.

Chris Harris keeps the rhythm flowing on bass. Scott calls him, “The funkiest, most pocket bass player I know,” and added, “when I first heard him play, my head spun around, and I knew he needed to be on my ship.”

In March, the Taylor Scott Band released an album, “All We Have.” Produced by Grammy award winner, Steve Berlin of Los Lobos fame, the CD, a combination of rock and roll, funk and soul, focuses on being present in the day-to-day and relishing the beauty that is all around.

“Take a closer look around you,” Scott said. “Appreciating what is happening right now is the most important thing. We try to bring that to our live show.”

The concert begins at 9 p.m., Friday, $5 cover.

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Roger France

It's Larry Thompson, whom I consider a Colorado legend. Respect, please! :)

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