The Twin Lakes Inn dates back to 1879 when it was constructed as a stagecoach stop and called the Twin Peaks Hotel. The name came from the 13,338-foot Twin Peaks, located south of the inn.

It is one of several Lake County businesses celebrating 140th anniversaries.

The current structure, believed to have been built in 1882, was known first as Maggie Webber‘s Hotel.

In the 1880s and 1890s, during Leadville and Aspen’s mining-boom days, there was considerable traffic between the two cities, and a toll booth was located right in front of the inn for those heading across Independence Pass.

The inn was used as a brothel until the 1920s when it became more of a vacation resort. It has operated recently under several names including the Twin Lakes Nordic Inn and the Inn of the Black Wolf.

After being closed for several years, the inn re-opened in 2013 following a major refurbishing, including 11 guest rooms, four with private baths. There are three shared baths. The first floor has an ADA-accessible guest room and bath.

The restaurant seats 32 in an interior room and 48 in the area along the front of the building where diners can look out at Twin Lakes. A concrete patio provides additional seating when weather permits.

The bar, dating back to the 1970s, remains, complete with an antique piano that has been in the building for as long as anyone can remember.

Although the facility formerly was closed during the winters, plans this year call for meals to be served on the weekends year-round.

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