Brenda Troudt came to Buena Vista with her family when she was 1 year old and never left.

She started what would become her banking career the day after she graduated from Buena Vista High School in 1984 at Buena Vista Bank & Trust as a teller while taking courses at Colorado Mountain College.

It was located in the same building as Collegiate Peaks Bank is now. BV Bank & Trust closed in 1986. At this point, she worked at a bank in Salida until approached by Lewis Lowe to join his staff.

Lewis Lowe started Collegiate Peaks Bank in 1987. Brenda was hired as a teller June 6, 1989.

“With only seven employees, everybody did some of everything; tellering, data entry input, input new accounts and booked loans” Troudt recalled.

Within a few years she moved to the bookkeeping department. At that time, a single customer’s check would be handled three times before being filed.

Technology advances over the past 30 years has transformed the banking business. Now everything is digitally scanned, transmitted and keyed with no manual entry.

She has been a part of the bank’s evolution over the years including the new addition a few years ago.

As assistant vice president, she now oversees “the back room” as she calls this area.

She also weathered the transition of CP Bank to becoming a division of Glacier Bank.

“Lew and Charlie (Forster) were instrumental in my career,” Troudt said. In fact, Lew still calls her every June 6 from Pennsylvania to wish her a happy anniversary.

She has received ongoing training over the years and enjoys bookkeeping research.

But what has kept her in the same company for the duration has been the customers and her co-workers (and there have been plenty in 30 years).

On a personal note, Troudt lives on a ranch and wrangles cows. She and her husband Doug have two children, Cody, 25 and Rylie, 22 as well as a new grandbaby, Daxton and daughter-in-law Quincey.

She loves to work in her garden, hunt, camp and scrapbook all the memories she has made over the years.

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