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Here are three things to take away from the Buena Vista board of trustees’ Feb. 11 meeting:

1 The town’s Historical Preservation Commission will present the final draft of its proposed architectural guidelines next month.

In a Tuesday work session, the group came before the board to discuss the guidelines so far, with much of the discussion centering around restricting the heights of buildings.

The concept of the guidelines, which have been in gestation since 2018, would create a document of suggestions for developers on Main Street for how to keep a new building aesthetically similar to the street’s existing buildings constructed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The guidelines would not be mandatory at first, but the HPC recommended that they be improved with the intention of folding them into the town’s building regulations over several years.

While the town’s building code requires that no building be higher than 40 feet, the guidelines would ask developers to go no higher than 30 feet with a 3-foot parapet.

Planning and Zoning Commission chair Preston Larimer argued for the area that would be affected by the guidelines be split into two zones, with the dividing line around Court Street.

Larimer suggested that the zone to the east of the courthouse would have more relaxed regulations on building height. While the height restrictions on Main Street proper made sense for preserving sight-lines to the courthouse cupola when facing east or the Collegiate Peaks when facing west, the height restrictions would inhibit dense development, he said.

2 The board signaled enthusiastic approval of the concept of partnering with the Boys & Girls Club of Chaffee County on a new, permanent space for the club which could also be used as an indoor recreation area by the town on weekends.

BGC director Brian Beaulieu said that the “somewhat aspirational, absolutely achievable” goal still lacked specifics at this point, but trustees gave the go-ahead to town staff to work those details out with the club.

Beaulieu said that the club would be looking for a new 9,000-14,000 square-foot gymnasium with classroom spaces.

Trustee Norm Nyberg, who said he sees BGC activities going on at Avery-Parsons Elementary School on a daily basis throughout the year, said that the club is “one of the best things this town has, and I’d like to see it grow.

“A facility is going to be needed,” Nyberg said. “A secure facility is the best thing we can do for these kids.”

3 Trustees voted to add Paul’s Lot to its fee schedule, allowing the town recreation department to charge $80 for less than 4 hours and $130 for a full day to rent the public parking area during special events.

The lot is located immediately east of the Pump Track in the River Park.

Yes, the question was asked in the trustees meeting, and no, it is not known who Paul is.

Rec director Earl Richmond said that a rec board member suggested the name last year and it stuck.

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