Random Acts of Kindness

An anonymous group of thoughtful BV locals are bringing the national Random Acts of Kindness Week into focus for Buena Vista Feb. 16-23.

With the goal of making kindness a norm, locals and visitors alike can participate in daily activities aiming to foster friendliness and to unite the town in good deeds.

“The hope, the intention behind our group, is to initiate sparks of kindness that will light a chain reaction through our small community, then ignite beyond it. True human connection is so incredibly and increasingly important, especially today. The national “Random Acts of Kindness Week” aims to foster that connectedness and remind individuals that we are all able to spread love with simple gestures, smiles and thoughtfulness,” says a group member.

The week kicks off with a bonus kindness day Friday, Feb. 14 when community members can attend a free yoga class with Empower Yoga Studio.

The week’s events are as follows:

Feb. 16 – Smile Day

Feb. 17 – Be Conscientious

Feb. 18 – Help Our Schools

Feb. 19 – Self-Education

Feb. 20 – Leave a Treat

Feb. 21 – Community Help

Feb. 22 – Scavenger Hunt

Feb. 23 – Non-Profit Help

Check out BVkind.com for details on all community events, or follow the “BV Random Acts of Kindness” Facebook Page for further information on each day of the week.

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