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20 years ago

Thursday, Nov. 18, 1999

Chaffee County EMS optimistic heading into 21st century

Chaffee County Emergency Medical Services is on its way to becoming the best rural ambulance service in Colorado, according to Director Flint Smith. His outlook on the future of CCEMS is a far cry from the condition of the service a couple of years ago.

“Chaffee County was considered the black hole in the EMS. You didn’t want to get hurt in Chaffee County,” he said.

The turnaround within the department is attributed to increased cooperation among emergency agencies, an improved billing and collection system, additional volunteers and the hiring of coordinators, updated equipment and ongoing up-to-date training, Smith said.

40 years ago

Thursday, Nov. 15, 1979

Feast your eyes on these bargains! (ads for Vista Super Market in BV)

Canned corn, 3 cans for 99¢;

Whole oysters, 8 oz. can, 99¢;

Cranberry sauce, 39¢/can;

Canned pumpkin, 49¢/can;

Chocolate chips, 6 oz. 89¢;

Ketchup, 14 oz., 39¢;

Ice cream 1/2 gal., $1.29;

Yams, 17¢/lb.

Turkeys, 10-14 lbs., 66¢/lb.

Turkeys, 18-22 lbs., 59¢/lb.

Mini boneless hams, $2.99/lb.

136 years ago

Buena Vista Democrat

Thursday, Nov. 15, 1883

• Ground was broken for the Pike’s Peak railway, at Manitou, on the 12th.

• No town in the state is founded on a more solid basis than Buena Vista.

• Furnished rooms for gentlemen, Mrs. Walkers’s next door south of the Opera House – Rates from $6 to $8 per month.

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