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20 years ago Thursday, June 3, 1999

Emergency helicopter rescues simulated at seminar

About 60 outfitters … and agency personnel in Chaffee County attended a Helicopter Rescue/Emergency Response Seminar, May 24 at the Central Colorado Regional Airport.

Personnel participating in training included raft and mountain guides, emergency medical services, fire, police, forest service, search and rescue and sheriff’s office.

A lecture from the Flight for Life personnel gave details of potential emergencies, and landing and medical procedures. The students then participated in mock helicoper rescues and loaded a patient.

40 years ago Thursday, May 31, 1979

The Centennial year

State health department closes BV gallery system

Officials from the Colorado Health Department have permanently shut down Buena Vista’s infiltration gallery system – the network of perforated underground pipes that supplies a large share of the town’s water.

… The town’s gallery system, which officials say has been operating for many years without health department approval, was shut down in April after a dead muskrat was discovered inside a 5-inch main in the southeastern portion of town.

136 years ago

Buena Vista Democrat

June 1, 1883

The young man was trying to play sober. He sat with the young lady on the front steps. He studied for a long time, trying to think of something that would illustrate sobriety. Finaly he looked up and solmnly said: “The (hic) moon’s as full as a goose, ain’t it?”

The D. & R. G is selling round trip tickets from Salt Lake City to Ogden for $1.50.

A grist mill at Salt Lake built by Brigham Young 20 years ago was burned on the 22nd. Loss $8,000.

At Ouray “tick eradicator” is 120 degree whisky. It is warranted to make a wood tick drop his hold in an eights of a second.

Maryland recently set an excellent example to other states in flogging its wife-beaters.

Tice’s theory that cyclones are propelled by electricity is again revived. Tice may be correct.

Senator Hill is right – a politician should not own a newspaper. A newspaper is a red hot iron – if it amounts to anything.

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