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20 years ago Thursday, June 10, 1999

Mountain Heights Baptist builds church, with a little help from its friends

Last month, the congregation of Mountain Heights Church began work on their new 16,000 square foot church on the almost 7 acres of property they purchased over a year ago. The site is on CR 317, just south of the subdivision on the east side of Hwy. 24.

There will be over 200 volunteers from around the U.S. who have committed part of their summer vacation to travel to Buena Vista to help the church accomplish their project. Many of the workers are from Mississippi and are part of a team that sees this as its mission.

It has been estimated that their labor on this site will save the church over $200,000. Some of the teams bring their own cooks which prepare their breakfast and dinners, while the church handles the housing and the noon meals.

40 years ago Thursday, June 6, 1979

Girls’ athletics: expensive but darn well worth it

Girls’ sports took a dramatic turn a few years back with the advent of Title IX, which required by law that school districts provide equal sports activity for boys and girls.

Although initial implementation of the law was a tremendous expense to most school districts, the results have been worth it, according to most girls’ coaches and the girls themselves.

… The senior girls who were involved in sports emphasized that athletic competition had come to play a major role in both their school and personal lives.

… Most of them competed in multiple sports and, as pioneers, they often competed against some pretty gruesome odds. At times the BV girls were out-run, out-played and out-maneuvered because they had not the skills, experience of winning precedence held by schools with pre-existing sports.

136 years ago

Buena Vista Democrat

Thursday, June 14, 1883

As an evidence that Leadville is not dead, and is still doing some little business, we will state that yesterday one of our merchants received three heavily-loaded railroad trains of goods. The gentleman who owns these goods believes thoroughly in the future of Leadville, and often buys by the train load. We believe yesterday’s invoice was the largest ever received at one time by any merchant in Colorado.

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