Hamburger Helper

That may look like a lot of hamburgers stacked here. But it represents only a fraction of the total 400 burgers that young Doyle Nyberg has eaten at the Chuckwagon Restaurant in Buena Vista. Doyle is a walking endorsement for the restaurant’s burgers. Edmund Hillary climbed Mt. Everest “because it was there.” Doyle says he has eaten a mountain of Chuckwagon burgers “because they’re just plumb delicious.” (Photo by Emmy Wells)

20 years ago

Thursday, Sept. 9, 1999

A new beginning

There is a total new look and a feeling of a new beginning and renewal after some volunteers removed all the illegally dumped trash at New Beginnings on E. Main St. on Friday, Sept. 3.

An old camper shell, trashed furniture and appliances were just a few pieces of junk.

Work program inmates helped load the junk onto Wayne Hoffman’s truck trailer and students from Fred McMurray’s class at Chaffee County High School helped unload at the Chaffee County Dump.

The dump fee was $298.

136 years ago

Buena Vista Democrat

Thursday, Sept. 6, 1883

The mineral “booms” of Colorado have about disappeared. Inflated and overstocked mines have reached their natural level, many are closed and abandoned and the business is now being done on a legitimate basis. The salted wild cats are banished. Hard, persistent labor is now required to secure pay dirt. The development is greatly retarded by the suspicions of capitalists; the genuine article must be shown now where a few years ago sales of mines aggregating millions were made by telegraph.

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