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20 years ago Thursday, August 5, 1999

DOW officer struck by lightning while on duty in Ouray area

Department of Wildlife technician Garry Rudd of Buena Vista was struck by lightning around 2 p.m. at the Ouray State Wildlife Area.

Rudd was working in a ditch when lightning struck the pitchfork he was holding. The bolt exited through his right leg.

He remained in the field about 9 hours until he was found by his supervisor.

He was released from St. Anthony’s Hospital in fair condition.

40 years ago Thursday, August, 1979


Railroad safety controversy is still brewing

A federal railroad safety inspector will be in Buena Vista Friday to investigate complaints by Town Councilman Charlie Howell that the Denver & Rio Grande tracks are in an unsafe condition.

… He said that about 40 percent of the tie plates on the track were loose and the plates were out of place on 15 ties; one tie could be rocked and another was spongy; some ties had broken ends or were broken between tracks; “about half the ties or better are rotten to where they will no longer hold a spike and most of the other ties are so worn out the spikes are working out of them due to the soft roadbed.”

136 years ago

Buena Vista Democrat

Thursday, August 2, 1883

• It is estimated that the cholera which is doing its deadly work in Africa and India will devastate this country in about 2 years. The town board had better take measures to remove the “manure pile” on the corner of Railroad and Cedar streets.

“It is a very bright paper,” said Mrs. Jones, “but my husband does not like me to read it. It is full of naughty witticism, he says.”

“That is just what my husband says,” said Mrs. Smith, “but he brings home a copy every week, having merely cut out the improper paragraphs. Of course I buy another copy.”

“Then he might as well have saved himself the trouble of suppling a mutilated one.”

“Indeed, no, it is very useful. One cannot read an entire newspaper. I lay his copy over mine and read thro’ the holes.”

• One of the best arguments in favor of the telegraphic strike is that they ask that the sexes shall receive equal pay. If a woman does the same work as a man, there is no reason why she should not receive the came compensation.

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