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20 years ago

Thursday, Jan. 13, 1920

New B’s sets Jan. 15 opening

The grand opening of New B’s Station, 624 E. Main St., Buena Vista, formerly New Beginnings, is Saturday, Jan. 15.

The reopening features a look at the freshening renovations and some shopping specials.

… After closing there will be a reception for retiring director Cae Vinson with all the long-time volunteers in attendance, including Leota Nyberg.

… Planned as a resource for the community, the main goals at New B’s are to help the community with low prices and free help for those in need. The goals have not changed even though there is a new look. New director is Pat Areaux.

40 years ago

Thursday, Jan. 10, 1980

At 97, ex-railroader is keeping his options open

With the beginning of a new decade, and only a score of years left in this century, it seems worthwhile to take a backward look from time to time to provide perspective.

Often times when we have difficulty dealing with our fast-changing world it helps to talk to someone who has seen a wide spectrum of change.

Bert Cooper is one of those persons. At 97, Bert is the oldest resident at Columbine Manor in Salida.

“I’m in retirement at present,” Cooper states, leaving open the option of returning to his profession should the wanderlust urge of his youth return to him.

As befitting the area, that profession is railroading. “That’s my occupation when I’m working,” Bert says crisply.

136 years ago

Buena Vista Democrat

Thursday, Jan. 10, 1884

• No snow in Buena Vista yet – we have the finest climate in the world.

• Chaffee County will have a permanent boom this year.

• Jumping and relocating is an interesting vocation of the miner at present.

• The Pueblo Daily News is a thing of the past. This makes 24 papers that have succumbed before the Daily Chieftain.

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