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20 years ago Thursday, July 1, 1999

BV boy rescues drowning dog

Thirteen-year-old Buena Vistan Brandon Embrey-Relaford’s quick response saved a drowning 6-month-old black lab from

Cottonwood Creek behind the BV Safety Complex, shortly after noon, Monday, June 21.

The dog, Baxter, had been tied to the gateway at McPhelemy Park, and apparently slipped and fell into the water below the gateway.

Witnesses saw the dog and were unable to pull the dog out of the water by his leash. The leash had to be cut to keep the dog from choking. The black lab was swept away by the water into the drainage pipe, for several hundred yards and re-appeared in the creek at the police department.

Embrey spotted the dog and jumped into the swift-running water, brought the dog to the embankment and began CPR.

40 years ago Thursday, June 28, 1979

Rivers, hazards, high this summer

Due to the unusually wet winter, rivers that are popular for canoeing, kayaking and rafting are now exceptionally high – and many will remain high for the greater part of the summer than usual.

Some rivers are now flowing at more than twice their normal peak flows. The number of river drownings grows with each passing weekend.

… Accidents resulting from car-top carrying of boats are on the increase, and at least three state legislatures have considered laws to prohibit car-topping.

136 years ago

Buena Vista Democrat

Thursday, June 28, 1883

Contrary to the expectations of some the circus was more than expected, many new novelties were introduced heretofore unknown in the ring.

John Low Low the clown and business manager is an adept in both departments; in the ring he is a complete encyclopedia of wit and humor, in his business dealings every inch the clever gentleman.

The show has a valuable adjunct in Mr. Low Low. The big horse, hog and tattooed lady were all there. The flying leaps through space all represented. We recommend the show to the show-going people as a good entertainment.

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