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20 years ago Thursday, July 15, 1999

APE to have fourth kindergarten

Avery-Parsons Elementary School will have a fourth kindergarten class this fall due to a grant which is expected to be awarded before school starts.

Superintendent Dennis Giese said at the regular meeting of the district board Tuesday night that he had received word that the grant would be given to the school district for the funding of a teacher for the fourth class.

He also reported that sod will be laid this week and that excavation has started to eliminate a pond.

40 years ago Thursday, July 12, 1979

County funds for town streets urged

County Commissioner Bob Welker has urged that county funds be used to help pave streets in Buena Vista and other municipalities.

“I don’t think we should pave another inch of county roads until all municipal streets are paved,” he stated at this week’s meeting.

Welker noted that the Town of Buena Vista will soon begin to pave DePaul Avenue between U.S. 24 and County Road 319. He maintained that the county should do the actual paving work, with the town to prepare the road base.

“Bob, what are you saying?

Commissioner John Lane responded incredulously. “We can’t do that. We already have budget strains.”

Undaunted, Welker said he thought the paving could be done right away. “I think we should pass a resolution now,” he said, insisting that the board had the authority to spend county funds for such projects.

“Bob, we can’t do it this fast,” Lane said. “I think we should check with (County Attorney) Ken Baker. There’s something in the back of my mind about this. You can wait a while until we talk to Ken,” Lane pleaded.

136 years ago

Buena Vista Democrat

Thursday, July 10, 1883

“To Denver,” and “lend me $20 for a few days” is now a common saying.

The great centre of western Colorado, Buena Vista, has every advantage for and must have a smelter.

Montrose is crazy over her flouring mill. Is it not time that Buena Vista was seeing a similar institution?

The statue of General Zachery Taylor has arrived from Italy and will soon be unveiled at Louisville.

Bar silver is $1.11.

Texas Creek will be the camp of Chaffee County.

The Leadville Democrat says “it takes three days for a letter mailed in Buena Vista to reach Leadville.”

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