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20 years ago Thursday, August 19, 1999

Barb Dolan of Twin Lakes won the Triple Crown in the Annual Buena Vista Pack Burro Races, Saturday, Aug. 14.

Dolan took first in each series of three burro races in this year’s Fairplay, Leadville and Buena Vista races and captured the Triple Crown for the fourth time. She won the Triple Crown for the past three years.

40 years ago Thursday, August 16, 1979

BVs 100th birthday party this weekend

This is it.

Buena Vista has been waiting a hundred years for the upcoming weekend, the high point in the summer-long centennial celebration that has been going on in the town. Many hundreds of visitors, including tourists and participants in the multitude of festive events that will be stirring throughout the town, will converge on Buena Vista to help celebrate the town’s hundredth birthday.

“It’s going to end up being one of the biggest, most spectacular, most fun celebrations that Buena Vista has ever seen,” says Bob Welker, chairman of the Buena Vista Centennial Commission.

136 years ago

Buena Vista Democrat

Thursday, August 16, 1883

• Colorado is said to have more sunshine than any other country in the world.

• Not a town in the state shows a like improvement to Buena Vista.

• The Juvenile Band will parade the streets Saturday evening. Many are under the impression that the band has broken up. Although the band has only twelve pieces, it is, and will continue to be, one of the best in the state.

• According to the Rochester Post, someone put a small mud turtle, about the size of a silver dollar, in a bed at a New Jersey hotel and the stranger who was assigned to that room, in preparing to retire, caught sight of it. He at once resumed his clothing, remarking: “I expected to have a pretty lively night of it, but if they are as big as that I don’t propose to get in with ‘em.”

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