Tails on the Trail run/walk

More than 100 people and their dogs walk in Salida during Tails on the Trail run/walk May 19.

One hundred fourteen people and their four-legged friends participated in the Tails on the Trail 5K run/walk Sunday in Salida, helping Ark-Valley Humane Society raise close to $12,000 with the fundraiser.

“It felt like a really good turnout,” Emy Luebbering, Ark-Valley Humane Society outreach coordinator, said. “It was bigger than last year, which felt good, and everyone seemed happy.”

None of the dogs got into fights with each other either, she said.

The run brought in approximately $2,750 from participants’ registrations and donations, as well as $3,550 in monetary business sponsorships and another $5,550 in in-kind sponsorships from businesses for a total of $11,850.

“It was great to see the support from the community,” Luebbering said.

Participants could either run the 5K or just walk with their dogs. Luebbering said about half the people raced and the other half walked.

Alex Johnson was the first finisher, crossing in 20 minutes, 1 second.

Bari Beasley was the first female to finish in 24:01, followed by Erin Johnke and Cari Beasley.

William Hussey was the first person to finish with his dog. Alonso Martinez was the third male to finish.

“We like hosting events in Salida since we’re based in Buena Vista,” Luebbering said. “It’s good outreach and it was a good fundraiser for the Humane Society.”

The Salida Dog Club also helped put on the event.

“It felt like a team effort,” Luebbering said. “Our volunteers were a huge help.”

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