Angel of Shavano Recycling

Angel of Shavano Recycling will no longer accept plastics with the resin identification codes 3-7, operator Mickey Barry said.

The rule took effect Wednesday, a response to dramatic changes in the international market for plastic recyclables.

“Due to the market collapse of these types of plastics we cannot collect and process them. Unfortunately this is happening across the country,” Barry said.

While plastic products are no longer required to display a resin code, which indicates the type of polymer the product is made of, the code can be found on some packaging as a number encircled by the familiar triangular “chasing arrows” recycling symbol.

Angel of Shavano will continue to collect plastics 1 and 2 – those are the rigid plastics Polyethylene Terephthalate (PETE) and High-Density Polyethylene (HDPHE).

“Generally the container will be a twist top bottle (soda, detergent, and milk containers) or clam shells (produce containers such as strawberries),” Barry said. “(Nos.) 1-2 plastic containers have a strong market domestically and we will continue to search for other ways to divert 3-7 plastics from the landfill.

“Unfortunately due to our location and the value of the materials we cannot justify the collection of 3-7 plastics,” he said.

Cardboard: Corrugated boxes, cereal/soda boxes, brown paper and bags, egg cartons and cartons (juice boxes, milk cartons).

Paper: Office paper, junk mail, folders, magazines, shredded paper (in a bag).

Newspaper: Newspaper inserts, phone Books, Coupons, white packing paper

Glass: Bottles and jars only colored (brown, green and blue), clear.

Tin/ Aluminum: Cans, clean aluminum foil, clean aluminum pans. No scrap metal

Plastic Containers 1-2: Plastic bottles w/twist tops, clam shells.

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