Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

The Chaffee County Department of Health & Environment has been successful in attaining a 2020 Radon Reduction Grant to assist Chaffee County communities.

Issued by the Colorado Radon Program, under the Colorado Hazardous Materials & Waste Management Division, the grant will be offering a solicitation to become a Certified Radon Professional for Chaffee County.

Through the accredited National Radon Proficiency Program, the grant will recruit, select and train two Radon Mitigators that will serve residents throughout Chaffee County.

As a certified Radon Mitigator, these two professionals will be able to assist Chaffee County homeowners and residents in significantly lowering indoor radon levels. Radon has been proven to be the number two cause of lung cancer nationwide, and Colorado is noted as having elevated radon levels across the state.

Though no quantity of radon gas is safe, EPA currently uses 4.2 picocuries per liter as the attainable objective (to minimize health risk). Based on approximately 300 indoor home samples, the average Chaffee County radon concentration is 8.6 picocuries per liter.

Per Wano Urbonas, Chaffee County Environmental Health manager, “We are attempting to train two professional Radon Mitigators that will dramatically improve access to effective, long-term radon reduction for radon-elevated homes throughout Chaffee County. Initial testing, followed by professional mitigation has been proven to be effective and affordable, especially when faced with serious health risks. We want to add the term ‘accessible’ to this list.”

The Radon Mitigator trainee application is available on the Chaffee County website on the Environmental Health page:

Initial review of applications will commence on Jan. 10, 2020.

The two selected trainees will receive free web-based training, professional long-distance mentoring and the waiver of certification examination fees, with total benefits estimated at $1040 per contractor. A selection committee will make the final decision based on a review of applications and an in-person interview.

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