The Mount Princeton View Estates subdivision, west of Buena Vista, has had two 45-year-old and decaying signs marking the area. One of them was on private property, the other encroaching, as neighbors discovered, on a county road easement.

Susan and Jack Klinsing, in early January 2019, decided to see if the folks living in the subdivision would be willing to remove the old and install new.

There is no HOA in the subdivision, therefore no funds. They quickly discovered there was overwhelming support to replace the signs, and the cooperative spirit, individual talent, willing hands and generous hearts of the neighbors was indeed going to make it happen.

Susan entered into extensive communication with the county, utility locators, property owners and each neighbor (some of whom live in other states part-time). Within a few weeks, there were neighbors with differing talents who were ready to dive in, thus forming the “Mt. PVE Sign Project Working Group.”

In the design phase, shared by Jack, Ron Reese, Steve Zabel and Kim Corcoran, an estimate of the cost was made. A plea was sent out to each neighbor for donations, and indeed, funds began to trickle in.

A date was set for removal of the first old sign, located on private property outside the neighborhood. A few neighbors showed up with chain saws and other equipment, and before other neighbors arrived to help, it was done.

Then the wait was on for warmer weather to arrive to complete the project. In the meantime, Kim and Linda Corcoran, Mt. PVE neighbors and owners of a metal fabricating shop in Kansas, agreed to donate four metal sign posts and two steel Mt. Princeton silhouettes. Steve Zabel agreed to craft the wood part of the design. Mac and Kathy McLendon and Bobbie and Karen Moore agreed to let a sign be erected on their respective properties.

On June 15, the new sign posts were erected. Steve Carricato dug two post holes the Friday before and in three hours on Saturday morning, a volunteer crew removed the old sign, dug two more holes, mixed concrete and set and stabilized four posts. By this date, a total of $655 was collected in donations. Expenditures for six cedar planks, powder coating, cement and supplies were calculated, and came to $641.73.

On June 22, a ceremony was held to attach the cedar planks and the Mt. Princeton silhouettes to the posts for the east and west entrances to Mt. Princeton View Estates.

The $13.27 left over from the project donations, plus a contribution from Dan and Clarice Hamme, bought donuts and water for many neighbors who joined there to celebrate our neighborhood’s new signs.

Tracy Booher created a Time Capsule that described the process and the “caring, thoughtful and generous spirit of those who lived here in 2019.” And the hope that those who find and read it will “carry on that same spirit of neighbors working together with good intention.”

People really can unite and make something great happen. We are personally very proud of all of the effort, time, talent, money and care that exists in our neighborhood. Thanks to you all!

– Kim Reese and Susan Klinsing

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