The photo for July 16 was the brick Marks building with the Masonic emblem on it.

It was identified correctly by Peg Scanga. Many people thought it was The Lariat, which is similar.

This building was the home to Pinon Realty, and is now First Colorado Land Office at 306 East Main Street.

Upstairs was the Masonic lodge and later Eastern Star and Rainbow Girls.

It was built in 1883 and has been many different businesses over the years. In 1896 it was a liquor store and clothing and dry goods on the other side.

The clothing store was owned by the Sheldahl famiy until purchased by the John Fink family in 1946. The Fink’s owned it until 1957.

The one story building to the right of this one is now Boneshaker Cycles.

It was home to Kettles meat market in 1896. It has been a drugstore for many different owners in the 1940s through the ‘70s.

Identification of some of the people in the photo is Dr. Abner E. Wright with a long beard and a light top hat second from the right from two small boys in the front row.

Dr. Wright was one of the founders of the Mary Murphy Mine in Chalk Creek.

There are other well know citizens in the photo, such as Ed Kruger, Pete Hartenstein, and Jimmy Pyle who were important in the development of Buena Vista.

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