Crash fatalities

Though the overall number of young drivers involved in fatal crashes has fallen by almost 50 percent in the last 20 years, the past 2 years have seen higher numbers. From 2005-2016, Colorado averaged 64 young drivers involved in fatal crashes per year.  In 2017 and 2018 the average was 86, an increase of 34 percent. (See chart below.)

Because teen drivers’ inexperience makes them among the most dangerous drivers on the road, the Colorado Department of Transportation is launching a safety campaign to encourage them to drive more safely and grow their awareness of Colorado’s Graduated Driver Licensing law.

Funny and informative videos called GDL Resale depict scenarios with parents offering their teen’s car for sale in the manner of an auctioneer or used car salesperson, as consequences for not abiding the GDL laws.

 The GDL law:

• Forbids passengers under 21 years old for the first 6 months of licensure – with only one passenger allowed after 6 months until the end of the first year,

• Bans use of cell phones until the driver is 18 and

• Makes not buckling up a primary traffic offense and requires occupants in back seat to buckle up too.

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