BV Strong community dinner

The BV Strong Community Dinner is fast approaching, and deadlines to reserve your table or order your t-shirt are coming up even quicker.

The last day to reserve a table is Monday, Sept. 16, and the last day to order t-shirts and ensure that you’ll be able to pick them up from Souled Out before the dinner is Sunday, Sept. 15.

The dinner itself will be the evening of Monday, Sept. 23 on Main Street.

Last year, 454 tables were booked for the free dinner, bringing roughly 3,600 people to sit together and eat a meal right in the middle of Main Street.

The dinner is funded entirely through donations, and even though it has no official sponsors, dinner planner Amy Lively said the dinner still receives large donations from local businesses and companies.

This year, the Seven Peaks music festival donated free bottled water and soda to the dinner.

“You will be able to pick up your free beverages at the intersections of Railroad, Colorado, and Court Streets at the Dinner,” said dinner planner Amy Lively. “Recycling is available for bottles and cans, and you can take home any leftovers.”

Addressing an issue of how to project announcements and music across Main Street without blowing out the eardrums of those diners seated directly in front of the public address systems, the dinner is partnering with Heart of the Rockies radio to deliver live announcements throughout the meal over Eagle Country 104.1, Lively said.

The dinner is looking to book 500 tables to line Main Street this year. Multiply that by 8 people per table for a meal as large as 4,000 people.

The BV Strong Facebook group will act not only as a source of information about the event, but as a matchmaker to help those interested in going to meet up with hosts who have a seat open at their table.

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