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You can see her standing there in the kitchen. Her hands are covered with flour from the dough she is kneading. Yet now she is turning from her task to give you her full attention (the type of attention you don’t exactly crave) and saying in no uncertain terms, “If you don’t get that room clean right now, you’ll answer to me!”

And you believe. You’ve had to “answer” on other occasions and you’d just as soon avoid “the question” altogether ... so what do you do? You clean your room, of course, immediately.

We still answer to someone today. It may not be our mom or dad, but still we give account for the messes we make or receive approval for assignments well done.

To whom we answer shapes our entire existence.

In Daniel 1:8-16 we find Daniel requesting the steward not to require him to eat the king’s rich food.

The steward, however, is worried about answering to the king and possibly losing his head over such an arrangement; while Daniel knows that such a diet would defile him.

It’s easy to see that the steward is answering to the king and this shapes his actions and decisions, but who is Daniel answering to? Since he is worried about remaining pure it’s clear that Daniel is answering to God.

Daniel is concerned about God’s view even though Jerusalem has fallen to the enemy and he is himself a prisoner of war. A prisoner, by the way, of the same king that the steward believes requires the heads of those who fail to comply!

Yet Daniel recognizes God as the higher power. A power who, in the words of Jesus, can “destroy both body and soul,” Mt. 10:28.

Yes, we all answer to someone. We must be careful to remember that someone is ultimately our heavenly Father.

Made any messes lately?

Stanten Sikes, minister, Mountain View Church of Christ can be reached at 395-8753.

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