About 100 people from St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Salida, with a contingent from St. Rose Catholic Church in Buena Vista, marched in defense of life for unborn babies, Jan. 27.

Along the way, the group stopped in front of Planned Parenthood for a moment of prayer for an end to abortion and a greater respect for the sanctity of family.

Joining in spirit with pro-life groups around the country during January, the Chaffee County residents processed from St. Joe’s to the Salida Rotary Park, carrying signs encouraging women to choose life instead of abortion for their unborn children.

At the park, Deacon James Bachta from St. Patrick’s in Colorado Springs encouraged the group to stay the pro-life course. He cited many examples of how the fight to preserve the sanctity of life is making headway, particularly since the 1990s when the abortion rate was at its peak.

The passion and energy of young people, who proudly call themselves the Pro-Life Generation, is having a huge effect toward reducing abortions on campuses throughout the world. Their fervor and commitment and love for unborn children and their parents is opening the eyes of many students in crisis pregnancy situations to the reality that they can both get a degree and have a child. They don’t need to choose between the two. See studentsforlife.org for more information.

He also mentioned Abby Johnson who previously worked at Planned Parenthood as a clinic director, but resigned in October 2009. She resigned after watching an abortion on ultrasound. She is now a voice for life and created the ministry And Then There Were None to help other Planned Parenthood workers leave. See http://www.abbyjohnson.org/abbyjohnson/and-then-there-were-none.

This Walk for Life was sponsored by St. Joseph’s and the Salida Pregnancy Center. The Knights of Columbus donated proceeds of their pancake breakfast to SPC.

For post-abortive healing, see Project Rachel, HopeAfterAbortion.org

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