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Many were reminded last month of biblical prophecy fulfilled in the Christ child.

Born of a virgin of the tribe of Judah in a lowly manger in Bethlehem, Jesus’ birth fulfilled scriptures found in Genesis 49, Isaiah 7 and Micah 5. The prophet Jeremiah said Messiah would be a descendant of King David. Check, check, check and check!

So, now that Christmas has come and gone, I’m still thinking there’s something to all this biblical prophecy stuff. Even today, we’re seeing the things Jesus said we’d see in the end times. It’s like when the trees shoot forth their buds, and you know spring is coming. The buds are a sign of what’s to come.

So, Jesus warned the disciples, “Take heed that no man shall deceive you.” Mt. 24:4

He gave them the signs, evidence of the end times, full knowing the disciples’ reports would reach us at the end of this current dispensation, the Age of Grace.

Some of Jesus’ words from Matthew are coming to pass today: Wars and rumors of war, killing of Christians, cultural offense, false prophets, acceptance of sexual sins and empty churches.

Jesus even prophesied of technology and the mass communication we have now, saying the “gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations.” Mt. 24:14

Quite frankly, I don’t know of a nation that hasn’t heard the gospel of Jesus Christ due to the internet, radio, television and phones.

There are other prophets who also spoke about the end of days. For instance, Isaiah said the earth “shall reel to and fro like a drunkard.” Is. 24:20

Wait! What? The earth is going to wobble? This already happened on Feb. 27, 2010, with the Chilean earthquake, which NASA says shifted the earth’s axis and shortened our days.

There are seven dispensations of the world. These are called Ages: Innocence, Conscience, Human Government, Promise, Law, Grace and Kingdom.

We have been given the signs to understand our present time, which is the Age of Grace. The fulfillment of prophecy, both of Christ’s birth and the end times, herald the start and conclusion of our age. Getting into the Word and understanding biblical prophecy is relevant to any serious biblical scholar. “Take heed that no man (or woman) deceives you.” Mt. 24:4

Now, keep in mind we’re still in the Age of Grace. We’re still in a time where we can feel the Savior’s presence. “Seek ye the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near.” Is. 55:6

Things are about to get shaken up – quite a bit. The earth is about to experience things we can’t even imagine.

Immediately following the Age of Grace comes the Great Tribulation. That’s what biblical scholars call it because there is no other term to define it. If we think things were bad under Obama or under Trump, or if we think the earth’s environment is in crisis mode, or if we believe our safety comes from our own technology and infrastructure, then that’s where we’re deluded. Things are going to get much worse.

Revelation 8 paints a dire picture of what’s to come on the earth. (Try to read that without a trembling heart!)

Make it a point to find Jesus today. Not next week or next month. Today. Seek ye the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near – while you still have time.

Pyra works with Creekside Gathering Place in Buena Vista and can be contacted at

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