Life gets messy

Let me preface this column by saying I know how to bake.

And I know how to clean up after I bake.

Sunday morning. A day for something other than oatmeal for breakfast.

I had found a recipe for baked blueberry donuts. That led to getting a donut pan. The one I found was for six donuts. Recipe makes 8. So I got a second pan. These two pans add up to 12 donuts. No problem. One and a half of the recipe would make 12.

Oh, how do I one and a half a single egg?

OK, just use two.

Before the pandemic I had purchased a few new cake tips to add to my collection. I got some oversized tips like they use on the baking shows to layer icing in between cakes to fill muffin pans.

I was eager to try them out, to fill the donut pans more evenly than with a spoon.

I got a large tip loaded into a Wilton bag and started pouring the dough into it. Wow! This is a great idea!

Until I realized the thin dough was dripping out of the tip and all over the counter and the recipe (which experience had taught me to encase in a plastic sleeve). I put my hand over the tip to stop the flow while I continued to pour. That’s when the top of the bag started to tip over from the weight.

Don’t panic.

Put it in something tall like a jar.

To get that I had to put the bag down. The counter top had dough all over it. Put it in the bowl.

So I got the jar, put the bag in it and was able to finish filling it.

This was still a brilliant idea.

Except that I dribbled more dough over everything getting it to the pans and into the individual cups.

Since the counter had been clean when I started, I scraped that dough into a cup. I used a spatula to clean the inside and outside of the bag and the bowl and my hands.

Finally it was ready for the oven … after I wiped the pans all off so the dough wouldn’t bake on and be harder to clean.

While the donuts baked, I cleaned and washed the counter, bag, tip, bowl and yes, myself.

And I made the lemon glaze. All of this took the 10 minutes for the donuts to come out of the oven.

What a mess.

But the end result was soooo yummy.

Life gets messy sometimes.

Things we normally take for granted can, in an instant, become messy, complicated.

We have two choices: Give up or keep taking the next step and the next.

Keep following the recipe of life that God has given us, protected from the trauma of the world.

I can hear someone saying, “Nice analogy. Now give us the recipe for the donuts.”

Here’s the link:

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