Dr. Marcia Goldstein

Join the celebration to recognize the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote and the League of Women Voters Feb. 25, 5:30-7:30 p.m. at the Scout Hut in Salida.

Colorado women won the battle for the ballot on Nov. 7, 1893. In the midst of severe economic depression, the rallying cry of “Let the women vote!” was heard from Denver to Durango.

Colorado’s astute male voters gained national attention when they approved equal suffrage by popular election for the first time in history. Many people do not know that Colorado women voted and ran for office more than a quarter-century before the 19th Amendment made women’s suffrage the law of the land in 1920.

Colorado historian, Dr. Marcia Goldstein, will present a costumed and fascinating slide/lecture presentation that outlines the major events, people, political issues and social conditions for women in Colorado at the time women won the vote in 1893. Colorado led the nation into the 21st century over 100 ago, but the vote for women did not bring about full equality. The slide presentation, “Let the Women Vote!: Colorado’s Struggle for Suffrage” commemorates the hidden contributions of Colorado women and inspires audiences to work for continued progress and a vision of equality and justice for all Coloradans – women, men and families.

The public is invited to join the League and costumed suffragettes for free appetizers, birthday cake and an engaging celebration.

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