Chaffee County Community Foundation

The Chaffee County Community Foundation is announcing the opening of the application process for organizations interested in applying to the town of Buena Vista’s Community Grants program.

The town of Buena Vista trustees have entered into a partnership with CCCF to bring more consistency, transparency and impartiality to their community grants process.

In years past, organizations and groups have requested town support throughout the year directly to the Trustees.

For 2020, CCCF has built an online application through which organizations can quickly and consistently request town support. CCCF will form a community grants review committee to review, rank and conduct site visits with applicants. This committee will then submit their funding recommendations to the Town Trustees for approval.

The online application is “live” as of Monday, Oct. 21, and has a deadline of Friday, Nov. 22.

Applications will be reviewed and site visits conducted in December and January, with funding being awarded in February 2020.

Organizations who have a dedicated line item of support within the town’s 2020 budget will also apply through the portal and receive funding on the same timeline.

The application portal is the same portal being used by the Marijuana Excise Tax Advisory Board and the 1A Common Ground board for their grants.

Therefore, organizations who have already created a profile on the portal can use their same login to access the Town of Buena Vista Community Grants application.

The portal can also be accessed through CCCF’s website: clicking on the Grantmaking link under “What We Do”.

Or you may use the direct portal link:

Organizations with questions or BV residents who are interested in applying for the grant review committee may email

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