Kat Clapp belly dances

Kat Clapp belly dances during Shedfest Saturday in Alpine Park. Several other Salida Circus performers also entertained the crowd during the harvest celebration.

The Buena Vista Circus currently has 12 youth circus students enrolled in this semester’s program.

The students have two 90-minute classes per week where they learn valuable skills artistically, physically and emotionally.

Meanwhile, they continuously work on hard skills in various areas, including: Unicycle, stilts, walking globe, tumbling, partner acrobatics, creative movement, circus yoga, trapeze, aerial silks and more.

Along with the traditional circus arts curriculum, students also learn discipline, time management, manners and stage etiquette.

A semester-long program like this can be costly for families, especially with more than one child, ultimately causing a barrier for them to participate and missing out on the experience entirely.

That is why the Buena Vista Circus is looking for local businesses and individuals who are interested in sponsoring a circus student, giving them the priceless opportunity to learn and grow. It involves making a $280 donation that will go directly toward a student’s tuition.

Every business and individual that contributes will have their logo or name displayed on the circus shirts that the students wear during events.

You will also hear from the student throughout the semester on they are doing and what they are learning.

This program will allow youth participants to see an example of generosity from their community, while giving sponsors the chance to see the direct impact their contribution is making.

Circus director Lyndsay Bertram says, “Watching these kids develop over the course of the program has been unbelievable. Not only do they become more skilled in the technical stuff, but they are building self-esteem and friendships along the way.

“They encourage each other and celebrate accomplishments as a group. It is truly inspiring to watch them grow through their participation. Our goal is to continue to expand the program so we can reach more youth in our community.”

There are many reasons to support the circus.

Studies have proven that it gives children confidence in themselves and shows them that through hard work, they can accomplish anything.

This confidence can shape our youth into positive, contributing members of our community.

Buena Vista Circus, a 510(C)3 non-profit organization, was founded in 2019 to provide circus training to children in Buena Vista and the surrounding areas as a personal development and community-building tool.

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